Pop Girl


Natsumi Yamaguchi, Ryoki Kurasaki, Kimiko Chikuma


handpicked artists

Sakurako Hattori, Kana Minami, Asuka Ito, Yuko Miyama, Kota Omoto, Eri Hatta, Hina Maekawa, yueru

八太栄里/Eri Hatta《色刻》, 2017, 24.2×33.3cm, acrylic on canvas

Girls Expo 2017

Eri Hatta, Kana Minami

Exhibition at Sansiao Gallery HK

Saki Fujikawa, Manami Higashi, Ryoko Kaneta, Ayako Yonemitsu



Sakurako Hattori
[representing artist]

I would like to introduce you my favorite thing; food. I am not just talking about taste, I mean everything about it.


Kana Minami
[representing artist]

I make drawings as a main idea of ''density''. Mostly I draw flower, insect, animal and girl.


Asuka Ito
[handling artist]

I represent Japanese girls' ambivalent feelings, such as love and eros, freedom and secrets, and kawaii-ness and motherhood by colors and patterns...


Kota Omoto
[handling artist]

My subject theme is human beings. Some are depicted in a human shape, others not.


Yuko Miyama
[handling artist]

These drawn people are the existence that let you visualize an invisible mysterious power.


Miho Negishi
[handling artist]

The body to me is another myself who forms an image instead of my heart. I think that the scenery from this viewpoint represents the duplicity or sense of unity of the body.


[handling artist]

The theme of my m is attenuation of relationships with others and contrary dependence, human strength and fragility in the modern times.


Saki Fujikawa
[handling artist]

My work is comprised of various encounters, from shapes to emotions, in daily life.I identify with that which can stand the test of time regardless of life’s harsh realities.


Manami Higashi
[handling artist]

For my works, the rotation expresses the immortality, dimension and time flow,


Rieko Honma
[handling artist]

I would like to keep giving shapes to those beautiful, strange and weird things in my dream world and shapeless things that cannot be seen in reality.


Eri Hatta
[handling artist]

All the scenery in my works are based on my memory, and my old self show up there.


Mari Yamagiwa
[handling artist]

I put cut-out records inside objects chosen at random and having different eras and cultures, then records becomes vague, and unexpected dramas begin to assert.

Mariko Ohashi
[handling artist]

I believe that everything happens for a reason and all phenomena are all related each other. The world is always connecting in some way, I really hope so.


Ryoko Kaneta
[handling artist]

Girls in various sizes, large and small, appear in the works of Ryoko Kaneta.These girls are personifications of natural objects, phenomena, intentions, and memories.

Hina Maekawa
[handling artist]

I paint well-known fairy tales and old tales as motifs, examining what sign each story and its figure has, and the necessity of naming.

Kana Uwatoko
[handling artist]

I like painting ghosts and imaginary creatures.Frightening ghosts, cute ghosts… I always paint thinking “if such creatures existed, it would be exciting”.