Rieko Honma
[handling artist]

the other side of the moon, 2014, Lambda printirony, 2014, Lambda printlotus lagoon, 2014, Lambda printwormhole, 2011, Lambda print

cube, 2015, Lambda printcube, 2015, Lambda printcube, 2015, Lambda printcube, 2014, Lambda print


I have been interested in taking photographs since I was a child.

I found it fascinating that the moment caught through the viewfinder turn into a photograph.

It is quite recent that I chose photography as a means of expression.

I started using Nikon single-lens reflex camera, and I have been mainly photographing people as subjects.

I learned photography and how to use equipment on my own.

My models are mostly my family members or close friends; however, I have never been able to shoot photographs of ‘happy families’, social issues, documentaries and such themes.

For me, photography is a means to escape from reality.

I came to want to give shapes to shapeless things such as imaginary things, feelings, and things that exist but invisible.

Many of photographs are inspired by my dreams while asleep.

No one can see the scene of those dreams, but I wonder if I can share it with others by recording and visualizing them as photos.

Photography is the best expressive style for me to show someone bizarre images, beautiful colors and strange adventure that would not be imaginable when they are awake.

I would like to keep giving shapes to those beautiful, strange and weird things in my dream world and shapeless things that cannot be seen in reality.

Artist HP : http://riekohonma.com/


1978 Born in Nigata, Japan






Sink Into The Dream / Gallery NIW