根岸美穂/Miho Negishi 《ソフトウェア/software》 2015, 45.5×38cm, 17 7/8x15in., oil on canvas with emulsionMASAKO 《K LAST CUT》 2015, 100×100cm, 39 3/8x39 3/8in., paint on canvas


Date : Nov.14 (Sat) ~ Dec.19 (Sat), 2015

Open : From Tue. to Sat. , 11am to 7pm (Close on Sun., Mon., and national holidays)

Opening Reception : Nov.14 (Sat) 5pm ~ 7pm


Miho Negishi graduated from Tama Art University in 2014, and then, have worked as an artist.
Having contracted with our gallery, she is one of an up-and-coming artist.
She treats drawing her body as a means of understanding herself and others.
Linking between the focused theme and external event, her painting approaches contemporary REALITY.


MASAKO is a self‐educated artist.

The black of paint and acrylic layered over a painting – it seems to be human’s hidden emotions.
She has been REBORN with many experiences after suspension of drawing.


“AAMOF” means “As A Matter Of Fact”.

We are very appreciate it if you would enjoy the show and would take in artists’ hidden thought and what they want to tell.





-Miho Negishi

We can’t read mind from an impersonal face.
We don’t know who is shallow ”I LOVE YOU” for.
Why are the portraits superficial and unlively?
The reason may be because the image is redrawn based on unnatural beautiful face by Pricla (Japanese style photo booth).
This processed portrait reflects fact that face is odd part and humans’ desire for faces, furthermore, that show coming generations’ face.


1988 Born in Saitama, Japan

2008 Graduated from Chuo Technology & Design College, DTP Design Course

2014 B.A. Department of Painting, Oil Painting Course of Tama Art University, Tokyo




Completion must be with an end.
Life goes on, but if so, it must be incompletion all that while.
Impressive and exaggerated memories, fading memories, all of them are obscure.
I want to capture something going by painting everyone’s turning points.


1987 Born in Saitama, Japan