服部桜子/Sakurako Hattori《Windows7》2016, 45.6×65cm, mineral pigment, dyed mud pigment, white pigment and color pencil on Sekisho-paper with Animal glue南花奈/Kana Minami《マリーは夢の中/Mary in the dream》2016, 21.5×26.5cm, ink and pencil on paper

Date : Oct. 22 (Sat) ~ Nov. 18 (Fri), 2016

Open : From Tue. to Sat. , 11am to 6pm (Close on Sun., Mon., and national holidays) *In the final week, Mon. to Fri.

Opening Reception : Oct. 22 (Sat)  4pm ~ 6pm


Sakurako Hattori creates colorful works filled with food and food packages.

She would like viewers to enjoy her works like treasure-hunting.

Its colorfulness(=Sai) is so attractive.


Denseness of Kana Minami’s works made by spun lines will overwhelm and impress viewers.

The motifs are butterflies, bees, other insects and beautiful flowers as motifs.

The words “honey” and “nectar”(=Mitsu) can be associated with that.


Their works are not only minute(=Saimitsu) but also talented(=Sai) and shining(=Mitsu),

so we named this exhibition “Sai/Mitsu”.

This is the first time to show their works since both they become our represent artists.

Hope you enjoy the show.

MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY Director – Masahiro Takahashi



-Sakurako Hattori

I always try drawing food and food packages looks like something else.

The paintings like desktop screen of windows7 and planispheres are going to be exhibit.

A desktop screen and icons, constellations consisting of points and lines… hope you enjoy my works finding these motifs.


1988 Born in Japan

2013 BFA, Tama Art University of Oil Painting Department, Japanese Painting Course


-Kana Minami

My drawings consist of black, white and monochrome gradation.

A certain person said he feels chromatic colors in my monochrome works.

Everyone can’t feel that because the feeling is uncertain and vague.

It was marvelous to share the feeling which is not so recognizable even for me but certain that it is there.

About 2 years have passed since I restart being active as an artist in earnest.

This year is an important turning point because I had new encounters and the opportunity to go to NYC.

Imagining a wonderful future I will meet, I have tried some new challenges in my new works.

I would appreciate it if you would see them.


1990 Born in Tokyo, Japan

2012 BFA, Tama Art University of Oil Painting Department