Yuko Miyama Solo Show

宮間夕子/YUKO MIYAMA  《太陽と精霊の加護》 2021, 31.8×41cm, 油彩,アクリル、綿布、白亜地宮間夕子/YUKO MIYAMA 《おにごっこ》 2021, 40.9×31.8cm, 油彩、アクリル、綿布、白亜地宮間夕子/YUKO MIYAMA 《振りかざす》 2021, 27.3×22.0cm, 油彩、アクリル、綿布、白亜地
JULY 10(SAT) – JULY 30(FRI), 2021 12 PM – 7 PM
Closed on Sundays, Mondays & Holidays
Masataka Contemporary is pleased to announce the third solo exhibition of Yuko Miyama.
The mythological characters in Miyama’s artwork express strong insistence, belief, and presence.
Submerge yourself in the alluring atmospheres of Miyama`s world

I draw by combining folklore that spread throughout Japan and other parts of Asia, various figures such as gods, monsters, and spirits, and ideas peculiar to Asia.
The various elements combined in my work are reconstructed and recognized history and culture can be experienced from a new perspective.
Yuko Miyama
If there are any questions about the exhibition or inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us by this e-mail info@masataka-contemporary.com
Director Masa Takahashi