Mari Yamagiwa
[handling artist]

山際マリ/Mari Yamagiwa《Fragment of Nostalgia》2015, 53x72.7cm, mixed media on panel山際マリ/Mari Yamagiwa《Daydream》2015, 80.3x60.6cm, mixed media on panel山際マリ/Mari Yamagiwa《Connection with the new world》2015, 50x65.2cm, mixed media on panel山際マリ/Mari Yamagiwa《Sacrifice》2015, 45.5x60.6cm, mixed media on canvas


When I was a child, I used to travel back and forth between two worlds.

I used to be repeatedly hospitalized, so my mother made many big dolls for my comfort.

They were both my friends and my alter egos.

I got the way to distract my loneliness through them in a fantasy world.

There were always in a forest.

My creation starts after conversations with the past.

I put cut-out records inside objects chosen at random and having different eras and cultures, then records becomes vague,

and unexpected dramas begin to assert.

That is similar to our life because we always select something in chaos.

I really enjoy accidental chemical reactions around inorganic aggregate.

Artist HP :


Born in 1971, resident in Kyoto