Roco Asada藤原千晶/Chiaki Fujihara《gift》米満彩子/Ayako Yonemitsu《少女無常》サワダモコ/Moco Sawada巽 千沙都/Chisato Tatsumi《ゼリークラッシュ/jelly crush》八太栄里/Eri Hatta《さみしいうみべ/the lonely seaside》


Date : Sep. 17 (Sat) ~ Oct. 15 (Sat), 2016

Open : From Tue. to Sat. , 11am to 7pm (Close on Sun., Mon., and national holidays)

Opening Reception : Sep. 17 (Sat) 5pm ~ 7pm


“They create very cute and sweet works, but… not just that!”, this exhibition’s title means that.

Their works are filled with “CUTE” that we may get drawn into and “SWEET” moment that melts in our mouth.

Not only cute, these are based on the context of art.

I hope you will like the enjoyable space full of cute creations by six female artists!

MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY Director – Masahiro Takahashi



-Roco Asada(b.1984)

I paint never-to-be-forgotten and twinkle-eyed girls with acrylic.



-Chiaki Fujihara(b.1986)

2011 Completed fromOsaka Kyoiku University, Graduate School of Education, Art Education Major


I create “crowds” likened certain motif like ice-cream to “human”.

My works’ story is anxiety and evanescence because human is going to be alone someday.

I would appreciate it if you would think whether you are in the crowd.



-Ayako Yonemitsu(b.1982)

The border of girls that I draw is insecurely tremoring.

I dream into the tremor and find a possibility of salvation there.

Tales are universes accepts all possibilities.

Drawing girls, I gain access to the universe, and imagine every possibility.



-Moco Sawada(b.1990)

Current studying in Musashino Art University correspondence course, majoring in Design and Information Sciences


I paint virtual and digital girls and the mixed world of two dimension and three dimension that they live in with oil paint.



-Chisato Tatsumi(b.1990)

I like anything that is cute and glitters.

I would like to paint appetizing girls.

Mainly showing my works at Osaka and Tokyo.



-Eri Hatta(b.1989)

2011 Graduated from Graduate School of Osaka Designers’ College, Illustration Course


All the scenery in my works are based on my memory,and my old self show up there.

I draw the image of vague memory that goes back and forth between real and unreal,

to face lost things and ever‐changing emotions,

to present how uncertain everything is.