devil遥術/yo-magic, 2013, 27.3x22cm, 10 3/4x8 5/8in., oil on panel


MASATAKA CONTEMPORARY “◎” by Manami Higashi & Yuko Miyama


Date : Jan.17 (Sat) ~ Feb. 28 (Sat), 2015


Open: From Tue. to Sat. , 11am to 7pm (Close on Sun., Mon., and national holidays)


Opening Reception : Jan.17 (Sat) 5pm ~ 7pm


We, MASATAMA CONTEMPORARY, are holding an exhibition for Manami Higashi & Yuko Miyama as our first exhibition of 2015.


Manami Higashi has been painting with her motto, ∞ which represents an eternal or an infinite repetition. Her greatest interest is expressing the time as something eternal. Due to this, most of her motifs are Japanese cartoon figurines to showing modern Japan.


On the other hand, Yuko Miyama’s art work represents Asian culture more generally; she portrays the power which had formed Asia such as a firm faith and the energy of life.


Although these two women do not seem as if they have many commonalities, they believe that “◎” is the key for finding out. This is the reason why Manami and Yuko have decided this symbol as the title of their exhibition.


We will really appreciate if you can share your opinions by looking at their art work.


Please take this great opportunity to see their world.

We are looking forward to seeing you here.





1988 Born in Kanagawa, Japan

2011 MA, Joshibi University of Art And Design, Kanagawa, Japan


For my works, the rotation expresses the immortality, dimension and time flow, The 3-dimensional rotation of the character resembles the transmigration of the soul in the Buddhism believe, It’s representing birth and death in the circle of life in the same way the figurine is rotating. The motives are characters from Japanese animation and comics. The act of painting and letting the animation figurine rotate expresses the flowing of time and the many different views of rotation. This figurine as a symbol of today’s society is combined with the classic element of oil painting. Today’s motive and the classic way of painting result in exactly the same time flow as the motive itself.





1987 Born in Tokyo

2010 Graduated from Yokohama College of Art and Design

2012 Graduated from the department of Painting,Musashino Art University.


These drawn people are the existence that let you visualize an invisible mysterious power.

They are replaced as the existence such as God or phantom, if it says by the words of a person.

Intention and emotion hiding inside of a person, vital energy, and insanity.

Prodigious power born from nature, Mystery, and magnificent providence.

Talking with those invisible things.

They are closely combined with Asian faith or culture of Japanese thought. -The land, environment, blood, the feeling of primordial, and the behavior presented instinct from subconscious mind, of myself. I pay attention and face the duality having universality and circulation thought which are emerged from Asian thought.